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Live media performance, 2020


In 2020 I developed an absolutely new, immersive, and site-specific version of my award-winning performance Blind, in which, thanks to computer vision and 2d animation, I interacted with the magnificent altarpiece of the San Filippo Oratory in Bologna, where the show took place in September. The altarpiece, painted by the seventeenth-century artist Francesco Monti, was completely reproduced in 3D and animated in real-time.

Blind (2011) is a performance experiment blending body-art and interaction design. The purpose of the work is to transport the audience in an immersive dimension in which the performer becomes the mediator of an experience of color through interactive sound. During the performance, I act a live body paint in front of a webcam that is programmed to detect different colors. The information produced is then processed by the computer and sent to a digital synth that activates a special sound for each color. The harmonic flow and modulation of each instrument are determined by the data produced by the coordinates of the color blobs in space, so that my painted hands, tracked by the webcam, become a musical instrument that I can actually play. The scientific research on the deep relationship between sound and color is the starting point of a personal journey in which I discover the infinite connections between the senses.


PerformAzioni Festival, Bologna - September 2020

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini

Altarpiece art - Francesco Monti

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