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Video installation, 2006-2020



The wolves are back on the walls, as part of the cultural program of Piazza Tevere 2020. A nocturnal artistic staging made up of multiple projections and music, animated the walls of the Tiber, in a great light show dedicated to the myth of the She-wolf.

The story of the she-wolf on the Tiber River Tiber begins in the early 2000s when I started collaborating with the American artist Kristin Jones on the creation of 80 drawings inspired by the story of the she-wolf as the iconic symbol of Rome, which were then transferred to the Tiber Walls as large stencils, subtracting the smog absorbed by the stones of the walls.


In 2006 the project was presented to the public with the great Summer Solstice event. For the occasion, I made the first 3D model of the Capitoline Wolf, starting from photographic references. So, in 2020, I completely reworked the original animation, adding different levels of graphic overlays, appearances, and fades, working on the dream level linked to the symbolism of the Wolf. The mythical animal moves with enigmatic grace, as befits a site keeper who stops, observes, scans the sky, and resumes his journey.


She Wolves – Solstizio d’Estate, Rome - 2005

Ombre dal Lupercale, Rome - 2006

She-Wolves: from Tiber to Hudson @ River to River Festival, New York - 2008

Trilogy: She Wolf as Shape of Time, Rome - 2009

Piazza Tevere: il ritorno delle lupe, Rome - 2020

Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini

Music - Roberto Laneri
Project - Kristin Jones for Tevereterno

Tevereterno trilogy, Kristin Jones and Francesca Fini - open link

Website of the project

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