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Nya Nya

Nya Nya is an NFT avatar created specifically for Metamundo, a virtual world where users can explore and interact with various characters and environments. As the creator of this avatar, I have given it a unique and playful personality that makes it stand out from other avatars.

Nya Nya is a limited edition work. Each of the five different versions of Nya Nya has its own unique personality, making it an exciting and diverse addition to Metamundo. As users explore the virtual world, they can collect and interact with each version of Nya Nya, discovering their distinct traits and characteristics. Link to the collection here.

Nya Nya

What would the legendary white rabbit look like if it were a female and guided us into the new wonderland that is the Metaverse?
Nya Nya model 3.0 is a fun and quirky spin on the traditional fairytale figure, with a few significant changes that firmly ground her in the digital age. She is a cute robot rabbit, and her most distinctive features are the fluffy and soft white bunny ears that give her an air of innocence and playfulness. Despite her appearance, she is also a highly advanced gynoid, with a range of cutting-edge features.

Nya Nya wears a sumptuous and romantic pink gown with puffed sleeves. 
The tall red lacquer boots add a touch of edginess to her look, as well as making her step more stable and her kick more lethal in case someone wants to challenge her to a capoeira fight.


Artsy is a unique character, both in her appearance and in her personality. As an avatar, she stands out from the crowd wearing a hand-painted work of art by the artist. This not only makes her a striking presence in galleries and museums, but also showcases her appreciation for creativity and artistic expression. Artsy is a social butterfly, always seeking out new experiences and making connections with other artists. Her favorite events are vernissages, where she can immerse herself in the bustling energy of the art world and engage with like-minded individuals. She enjoys chatting with artists over a glass of white wine, exchanging ideas and sharing her own thoughts on the art on display. But beyond her social nature, Artsy is also a true artist herself. She defines herself as a situationist performance artist, which means that she uses everyday situations as a canvas for her artistic expression. Whether it's through unexpected actions or intentional disruptions, Artsy injects creativity and imagination into the mundane, transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Overall, Artsy embodies the spirit of the art world – lively, imaginative, and always seeking out new ways to express herself and connect with others.


Cat is a fascinating character, living a double life that is both intriguing and inspiring. During the day, she works in a library, blending in with the crowd and going about her daily routine. But at night, she transforms into a superheroine, patrolling the city to ensure that drag queens who perform in venues are safe as they make their way home.
Cat's caring and generous nature drives her to protect people who live their lives in a colorful, creative, and unconventional way. She understands that being different can often make people vulnerable to harm, discrimination, and persecution, and she uses her skills and strength to help those in need.
Despite her serious work as a superheroine, Cat is also known for her love of gossip and irony. She enjoys using her quick wit and sense of humor to diffuse tense situations and lighten the mood. This playful side of her personality also helps her connect with the drag queens she helps, as they share stories, laughter, and a mutual respect for living their lives authentically.
It's essential for Cat to keep her superheroine identity a secret, as revealing it could put both her and the people she helps in danger. But despite the risks, she is committed to her mission and will do whatever it takes to ensure that everyone can live their lives safely and without fear.
Overall, Cat is an admirable character who embodies the qualities of strength, compassion, and humor. She serves as a reminder that no matter how different we may seem, we all deserve to live our lives with safety, dignity, and respect.


Dottie is a fascinating character who exudes femininity and curiosity. She is a polyglot, speaking five languages fluently, and is an avid reader with a passion for travel. Her inquisitive nature leads her to spend much of her time daydreaming on the internet, searching for new adventure destinations to explore.
Dottie has a love for flashy clothes and enjoys dressing up in outfits that make her feel confident and empowered. But more than anything, she adores Latin dances, which make her happy and fill her with the desire to live life to the fullest. She spends many evenings at local dance clubs, twirling on the dance floor and immersing herself in the vibrant rhythms and passionate movements of salsa and tango.
Despite her wanderlust, Dottie has a dream of settling down on a small tropical island and working as a pet therapist with dolphins. She has always been fascinated by these intelligent and playful creatures and believes that they have a unique ability to heal and comfort those in need.
Dottie's infectious enthusiasm and passion for life are inspiring, and she is always eager to share her knowledge and experiences with others. She believes that life is too short to waste on things that don't bring us joy, and that we should all follow our dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem.
Overall, Dottie is a remarkable character who embodies the qualities of curiosity, passion, and a zest for life. She reminds us that there is always something new to discover and that we should never be afraid to chase after our dreams, no matter where they may lead us.


Fairy is a whimsical and enchanting character who has chosen to live her life like a fairytale character. Her small apartment in the suburbs is a magical wonderland, filled with treasures and trinkets that would make any fantasy lover swoon. Glass butterflies flutter about, vintage dolls sit atop the shelves, and pink and blue lace covers every available surface.
Fairy has a particular fondness for sweets, and she loves to bake cakes, cookies, and pastries in her kitchen. She also has a soft spot for sad stories with happy endings, believing that there is always a silver lining to be found. On clear nights, she can be found outside, gazing up at the moon and imagining that its light covers the world with a glittering dust of silver.
Despite her fantastical lifestyle, Fairy is grounded in reality and takes care of her everyday needs. She works part-time at a local bookstore, where she can share her love of fairytales with others. In her free time, she volunteers at a children's hospital, bringing joy and magic to the lives of sick children.
Fairy's whimsical nature is infectious, and her presence brings a touch of magic to those around her. She reminds us that even in the midst of our busy, practical lives, it's important to take a moment to appreciate the enchanting and beautiful things in the world.
Overall, Fairy is a delightful character who inspires us to embrace our imagination and find the magic in everyday life. She reminds us that a little bit of fantasy can go a long way in brightening our day and lifting our spirits.

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