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From 4 to 9 December in Rome "Fuorinorma, the new road of Italian cinema", festival-symposium at the fifth edition.

The best independent Italian cinema takes home in SCENA, the space in the heart of Trastevere: famous authors and guests will animate debates and screenings from morning to evening.

A festival-symposium on the traces of the "neo-experimental" road of Italian cinema comes to life from 4 to 9 December in Rome, in the renovated hall of the former Filmstudio, where SCENA now stands, the space in via degli Orti d'Alibert in the heart of Trastevere . "Fuorinorma, the new road of Italian cinema" curated by Adriano Aprà, an event now in its fifth edition, organized by the association "Fuorinorma, the neosperimental way of Italian cinema" with the contribution of MiC, CNA and Fondazione Cinema per Roma, and the support of the Lazio Region and SCENA, combines the desire to offer a showcase to independent cinema and at the same time a lively opportunity for discussion between operators, critics and spectators on the current state of the seventh art.

Sunday 5 December, starting at 8.30 pm, FUORINORMA V presents an evening of digital animation and performance art dedicated to the experimental work of Francesca Fini, in the presence of the media historian Bruno Di Marino.

Vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas (2020, 13 ')

In this video art work, works of the past come to life, blended by the visionary collagenism of the time machine that collects imaginary artifacts and fragments over the centuries, recomposing them in a contemporary three-dimensional landscape.

Lockdown (2020, 25 ') by Francesca Fini, Francesca Leoni and Francesca Lolli

A three-voice performance performed in confinement, during the first national lockdown.

Planet Pink (Panopticon 1) (2021, 17 ')

The Panopticon is a landscape where humanity's waste accumulates. A dump of hopes, passions and relics of a creative and all-consuming species.


Via Degli Orti d'Alibert, 1, Rome

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