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I've been interviewed by artist and curator Francesco Arena, on his regular column in the contemporary art magazine Exibart.

Based on the contemporary art exhibition of the same name, the weekly column "OTHER IDENTITY - Other forms of cultural and public identity" aims to be a litmus test capable of measuring the state of a new and more current visual grammar, presenting the work of authors and artists who challenge the languages ​​of photography, video and performance, to investigate the themes of identity and self-representation.

For me, art is a sublimation of my experience and my inner world, it is in fact trying to express an imaginary made up of unconscious suggestions which, with a process of absolutely dreamlike synthesis, of interior assembly, mix real and virtual. My job is to try to put together not so much the fragments of a mosaic, but the fragments of a mirror, in which my inner images overlap the outside world. In this sense, I truly feel like a surrealist 2.0 artist, because to achieve this synthesis I use the machine, the new prosthesis of my digital self, the devices and tools that other artists of the past did not have available.

Check out the interview here!


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