Francesca Fini - Old money virtual Venus
Francesca Fini - Old money virtual Venus

CADAF 2020 (Crypto and digital art fair) is the first virtual art fair that enables galleries and independent artists to show their work in custom virtual booths as well as communicate with collectors and visitors via chat rooms. This fair is designed to make online art shopping interactive, immersive and fun. This year I've been selected with a collection of digital art pieces and NFTs.

Among them, my new collection of Virtual Venuses. The Virtual Venus collection is a set of four artworks made as part of a project of digital art and AR sculpture by Francesca Fini.

The project starts from a plaster reproduction of the head of the Venus de Milo, purchased some time ago from a Roman junk dealer. The reproduction is a beautiful object of the early twentieth century, and is therefore in fact an antique find in itself. A find that represents an older find, which in turn represents the timeless icon of classic femininity. Hence the idea of transforming this beautiful Venus head into a conceptual Chinese box, unfolding many different possibilities thanks to CGI.The head was scanned with a photogrammetry device, then processed in a 3D environment and remapped with new imaginative, lush, and colorful textures, all deriving from the artist's original freehand drawings or collages of decorative images on which the artist has digitally intervened. The new heads were then inserted into an abstract context of metaphysical lights and backgrounds. The old forgotten plaster becomes a mutant virtual being, which recycles itself in infinite contemporary contexts.

Each Virtual Venus comes with additional material that collectors will receive via email: a high quality printable digital poster (60x60cm) securely stored in the Pinata IPFS Cloud. The poster bears the artist's signature and a QR code that allows the collectors, with a simple scan, to place the virtual sculpture in their own space thanks to Augmented Reality. This will allow collectors to explore Virtual Venus from all the sides and angles not visible in the official artwork.


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