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My new digital art collection for Sedition Art Platform

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

I am pleased to announce a very special event: the launch of A dream In Stone, a new digital art collection for Sedition Art, a pioneering curated platform for collecting exclusive digital art.

The collection was produced during a long residency at the medieval castle of Rocca Sinibalda (Rieti), and consists of eight short 3D films inspired by the precious frescoes by the Renaissance painter Girolamo Muziano.

The drop will go live on 22 September, while on 21 September those interested will have access to a pre-sale room with a private preview of the collection.

Anyone wishing to be included in this whitelist can book by sending an email to:

** Press Release **


Digital Castle Project Collection

By Francesca Fini

Produced during art residency at Rocca Sinibalda Castle Curated by Cristina Cenci and Enrico Pozzi



Sedition Art Platform






​Sedition is delighted to release Francesca Fini's latest project; A Dream in Stone, a project that turns the amazing Girolamo Muziano's Renaissance frescoes of a Medieval castle near Rome; the Rocca Sinibalda Castle, into a cutting-edge digital Art collection. A Dream in Stone, is a special collection that is made up of 8 video artworks, each inspired by a key SciFi theme: Earth after the vanishing of humanity.

One of the fascinating castles in Italy, a Renaissance architectural achievement in its own right, the Rocca Sinibalda Castle has hosted, over the centuries, highly innovative artists, architects, saints, writers, poets, utopians, patrons of the arts and many more. Spearheading modernity, the Castle has now turned digital. The four editions of its art residency and festival Endecameron have been steering towards digital art. As the driving force of this project, the internationally known video artist, Francesca Fini has become a protagonist and the curator of the castle’s current artistic identity: digital humanism through digital video art.

"In this digital art collection, you’ll be visiting an alien planet. On this planet all the dreams, all the paintings, all the statues, all the poems of humanity have been collected and stored by an alien intelligence, turning this planet into a sort of museum of humanity. We could be in a time where our planet is not there anymore, where humanity is not there anymore or even in a time before humanity, before our planet. And these relics, these dreams, these paintings, these statues, these artworks from humanity have been wondering in deep space for a long time. When this alien intelligence found them floating among stars, among planets, among galaxies, they collected them and they stored them into this planet: the museum of humanity."


This digital art collection created by Francesca Fini consists of 8 video works inspired by a dystopian theme: the Earth after the disappearance of humanity.

Rocca Sinibalda Castle stands out as an intact and silent survivor still there to witness what we were and to open a chasm towards a future. Perhaps. Muziano's frescoes become a relic, carefully guarded within the womb of futuristic, self-sufficient and self-powered devices, which continue to function unaware of the surrounding emptiness and the disappearance of their creators.

The castle as an ark, with only fragments of past forms floating in the void: chaotic evidence of a disconnected past reality.

Shapeless but living fragments. Constantly absorbed in their search for new forms. Always unsuccessful and always in progress. They randomly assemble and disaggregate, producing nameless transitory entities and meaningless signs. To strive to last and somehow live, in search of previous identities nested in confused and unreliable memories. Transforming new identities for the dictionaries to come.

The Castle is there. A reminder that forms can still exist if a new look can reinvent or evoke them. A fertile nostalgia that generates desire, fragile ghosts of reality and stone dreams eager to perhaps become reality.

The Castle as a repository of wonders, an agent of the Metamorphoses. Forms waiting for the eye and ear of an artist to pull them out of their dystopian dissolution in the unlimited liquidity of a deep blue ether, amniotic and prenatal.

The Artist thus returns to his most primordial function, that of extracting forms - old and new - from the all-encompassing womb of Chaos and the Moon. Giving birth.


The proceeds from the sale of the works of the collection will contribute to the long-awaited restoration of the 1553 frescoes by Girolamo Muziano. A fraction of the proceeds will be used to remunerate the artist for his production residence at the Rocca Sinibalda Castle, which took place in July 2022.


Collectors deserve a reward. The collection of the complete collection of 8 video art works entitles you to a two-day and one night stay in the Castle. A stimulating experience and not to be forgotten.


Founded in 2011 by gallery owner Harry Blain, founder of Blain | Southern, and Robert L. Norton, former CEO of Saatchi Online, Sedition is a platform created to collect, exchange, share and exhibit digital art created by the most significant contemporary artists. A pioneer in the dissemination and marketing of digital arts, the platform relies on its own internal marketplace and has recently also opened up to the NFT world.

Its rich catalog presents a large and growing number of works, selected at the invitation of the curatorial board, produced by leading artists including Damien Hirst, Bill Viola, Jenny Holzer, Christian Boltanski, Ryoji Ikeda, Casey Reas, Aaron Koblin, Universal Everything, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Paolo Cirio, LIA, Quayola, Mark Amerika, Claudia Hart and many others.

In collaboration with Sedition Art and Artribune

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