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I am very pleased to announce the production of a new version of my award-winning video Skinned (2018), thanks to the collaboration with the musician and sound-designer Andrea Assogna, who created the brand new soundtrack of the video.

For some time I had been looking for a valuable collaboration with a sound artist who could tune into my imagination, and Andrea's surprising work managed to enrich the video with new colors and new details. Andrea Assogna(*1998) studied saxophone and classical guitar in the High School of music in Terni and now study electronic music at the Conservatory of Perugia with Simone Pappalardo, Angelo Benedetti and Andrea Carli.

Creates electroacoustic music compositions and audiovisual works. He is interested in the new and unconventional digital sound production techniques related with the video-art.

At the moment he works with a short film production as sound engineer.

His latest work is the sound production of “Skinned” , an animation art made in 2018 by Francesca Fini, remodeled in 2022 with a new sounds.

Skinned is a Dadaist collage that plays on the concept of identity, elaborated through impossible selfies taken by the protagonists of famous masterpieces in the history of portraiture and self-portrait.

These portraits come alive, piercing the boundaries of their temporal and cultural definition. Then suddenly they grab a smartphone, they call and maybe wait, the eternal expectation of those who meet a call center.

Contemporary everyday life insinuates itself, alienating and alienated, within the lyrical, utopian, and idealized world of a portrait. What do you hide under your skin, flayed by the toxic radiation of mobile phones? What would Leonardo da Vinci or Andy Warhol have done with this evil device?


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