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Rome Art Week presents a preview of the film 'Over my Skin' by Francesca Fini, Francesca Leoni, Francesca Lolli. This very special preview for RAW and Art Exhibition Link is a performance-based film produced in quarantine and consisting of three episodes that intertwine in a dreamlike tale that focuses on the relationship between the body and society.

Water Blues by Francesca Fini is a performative narrative in three acts, symbolic and open to interpretation, which takes place in a white, intact and artificial, artificial place, where we witness a violent act: the management of a barrel of blue liquid and viscous. An iconic water, stylized cartoon water, which becomes meaning and sign. In Homo Shopper Francesca Leoni instead moves from a series of questions: what I buy defines me? Is it possible not to buy in the consumer society? Over the span of six years, the artist collected and kept 3,500 receipts (the first dating back to January 2014). Francesca Lolli proposes a video performance entitled Memories divided into three chapters: a narrative path that insists on the theme of memories. The first chapter, set inside a house, deals with the theme of personal memory and develops thanks to the action of a woman who positions herself within an environment, apparently familiar, something that seems to belong to her, while the memories of other people speak for him. 25 October 2021, h. 6 pm Art Exhibition Link, Borgo Bio 125 Roma


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