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Paradise Lost in competition at Supernova Festival

I'm very happy that my new video Paradise Lost is in the Focal Competition at Supernova 7th Dimension edgy digital animation Festival.

Supernova 7th Dimension is Denver Digerati’s prestigious annual forum of digital animation and motion art that promotes experimentation, innovation, imagination, individual artistry, equity, diversity, and solidarity through artist’s that leverage computer software as the primary tools in their art. Supernova’s seventh year elevates artists aiming to change the world and those who fashion their unique position in a multi-faceted society. Returning to the public streets of Denver, Colorado, online for the world, and through special collaborations with Denver Arts and Venues, the Sie Film Center, CU Denver Experience Gallery and Streetwise Boulder, Supernova is set to return to the form that has made the annual celebration one of the most exceptional international art event based in Denver.

The 7th edition of Supernova highlights artists locally as well as those from around the world, featuring well over 200 short-form artworks from masters in the medium of digital motion to a wide array of student initiatives that position technology as the Next Generation’s go-to in making art. Downtown Denver will feature artworks crafted for public screens in a wide array of formats and presentations for a day-long exhibition that will captivate the public, including a compelling focus on Environmental Awareness as a critical issue of the day.

Supernova’s thematic and core competition programs will recognize select artists with cash prize awards, assisting to elevate careers through the focus on dynamic digital art. There is so much on offer and spread throughout the community as 7th Dimension takes center stage across the month of September.


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