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Live media performance, 2011


Self Portrait is a piece of live art that I implemented in collaboration with painter Gianluca Giardi. On a big black canvas runs a video that contains a mosaic of images of Fifties women. The ephemeral culture reveals the stereotype of the female figure and its distortion in the period surrounding an already image-obsessed society.

The woman is an advertising vehicle, a messenger of social campaigns, the object of male desire in the first soft-porn in black and white: a picture that could be monotonous, while the video runs fast, manipulated back and forth by my fast fingers handling a corset full of electronic valves and knobs. An electronic dress/prison is also an instrument that makes up a noisy soundscape where we lose the words of those women of the past, while Gianluca tries to keep their faces on the canvas with a piece of white chalk.


MACRO Pelanda, Roma - 2011

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini
Performing - Francesca Fini, Gianluca Giardi

Photo documentation - Silvia Profumi

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