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Installation-based performance, 2013



This performance project plays on the themes of metamorphosis, mutation, power, identity, and relationship. It plays with these themes through the use of natural magnetism. I'm wearing a magnetized suit and mask. All around me there is garbage: cutlery, broken toys, refrigerator magnets, colored metal balls, nails and bolts, cans, magnetized plastic objects. All the objects are painted gold and, neatly aligned on the floor, they look like pictograms of a hieroglyph of junk.
The performance is an epic struggle between Reason and Chaos, between the “golden mask” and the rubbish, between the illusion of Eternity, promised by Power, and the slow process of corrosion of History, devouring every human enterprise.


In the final part of the performance, the audience is invited to break the magic circle. People will be encouraged to enter the dump and attach to my body all the remaining objects, playing with their irony and aesthetic sense.

The waste is ideally reflected in the soundscape of the performance. In fact, a set of lights attached to my wrists interact with light-sensitive software, transforming my movements into interactive sound and visuals.


Fonlad Digital Art Festival, Coimbra - 2013

CIRCLE1 Gallery, Berlin - 2014

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini
Photo documentation - Tito Andrade

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