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TYPO # 4
Live media performance, 2017


This is a performance of visual poetry in which the words of a poet are transformed into musical notes and images. The sounds that we hear, and the visual story that unfolds in front of us, do not depend on a musical or narrative intention; are solely determined by the sequence of letters, words, verses, and expressive pauses.

The protagonist of the performance is an old Olivetti typewriter of the Sixties, whose keys are wired and connected to a computer. Through the use of an interaction design software, each key of the machine - and then every letter of the alphabet - produces a precise note, and at the same time triggers a video clip associated with that particular letter.

The typewriter is at the same time writing mechanical device, musical instrument, and video mixer. Pictures, notes, noise (sound or visual), mix with the rhythmic beats of the keys, and are woven according to the words that I type in real-time.

And so I find that there are sentences intensely melodic and poignant. This fourth session of the TYP-O project is dedicated to the verses of my most beloved poet, Walt Whitman.


Live Cinema Festival @ Macro Museum of Rome - 2016

Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo - 2017 

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini
Poetry - Walt Whitman
Performing - Francesca Fini, Daniela Cavallini, Giulio Bianchini

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