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Videoart, 2023




By Francesca Fini

In this video I imagine a near-future where robots have taken control over every aspect of our lives, handling everything from the mundane to the complex. As a result, humans find themselves with an unexpected surplus of leisure time. In this video, I invite you to contemplate the intriguing paradox of monotony within a seemingly flawless world, all portrayed through the lens of vintage cinema.

The video mixes different animation techniques and aesthetic codes, from traditional 3D to Artificial Intelligence, along with the crackling nostalgia of film grain, transitioning seamlessly into a black-and-white panorama reminiscent of early cinematic masterpieces. This vintage visual motif adds an undercurrent of nostalgia and allure to the futuristic concept at hand. As the scenes gradually unfold, the grainy texturing occasionally yields the emergence of 3D sketches, providing a unique peek into the inner mechanisms and intricacies of these robotic entities.


Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini
Sound design - Francesca Fini

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