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Videoart, 2023




By Francesca Fini

"YOU ARE HERE" is an artistic installation that explores the convergence of technology, art, and architecture. Using the advanced technology of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF), the installation seeks to capture and reinterpret my daily experience within the architecture studio where I spend my long days, a place where creativity and structure blend into a continuous flow.


The installation is based on the capture of Radiance Fields through neural networks, a process that paradoxically brings real-world scanning closer to the practices of impressionist painting. Just as the impressionists sought to capture light and color rather than the physical form of objects, "YOU ARE HERE" seeks to capture the very light that informs the space of everyday life, transforming it into an artistic experience.


The result is not a simple mesh or geometry, as in the traditional photogrammetry process I have long experimented with, but rather a point cloud of light and color. This cloud of points is then reprocessed and altered by me in 3D, transforming the precise and impeccable digital recording of the volumes of the physical world offered by NeRF technology into a dreamlike journey.


In "YOU ARE HERE," objects and walls dissolve, becoming an intangible, luminous, and evanescent material. It reminds me of the landscape observed from the window of an airplane crossing the clouds, where physical form is replaced by a play of light and color, of emptiness and fullness. A world suspended, quite literally, in void, where we experience that strange and dual sensation of the viewer who scrutinizes, unnoticed, the shipwreck of the physical world, from their protected and private cocoon.


The installation represents my attempt to push the limits of NeRF technology, leveraging its precision to create not an accurate representation of the physical world, but an artistic and subjective reinterpretation of it. A journey through light, an experience that challenges our perceptions of the real world and invites us to see beyond the surface of things.


Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini
Sound design - Francesca Fini

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