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Animation art, 2015


This award-winning video is a dadaist ratatouille of images in which food becomes a dream - or better, nightmare - and the reflection of schizophrenic diets in the claustrophobic frame of a self-portrait.

The film stages a series of surreal trompe l'oeil inside an artificial 3D landscape in which a hybridized language brings together original video clips - where I bring to life my own digital Avatar - and animations made with a collage of cut-out images.


These images are produced assembling pieces of famous works of art related to the theme of food.

Watch it with vintage anaglyph glasses!


Foods video art project by Magmart, Naples - 2015

ROBOT Festival, Bologna - 2015

Videomedeja Festival (special mention), Serbia - 2015

Instants Vidéo Festival, Marseilles - 2015

Videoformes Festival, Clermont-Ferrand - 2016

FILE Electronic Language Festival, Brasil - 2016

DigitalBigScreen (winner) - 2016

NordArt Art Fair, Germany - 2017

Cyborg Fatale personal exhibition, Bologna - 2019

Other Identity Biennale, Genova - 2019


Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini

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