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Interactive digital performance, 2021



De-Pink is my new platform for live performance art streaming and interactive digital shows. The key feature that distinguishes this project from other similar initiatives is that the platform is both container and content of the digital show.

I believe that digital shows cannot be reduced to a streaming video hosted on youtube and absolutely cannot remain confined within the narrow limits of the video player.

A video player that, moreover, lives in the eternal conflict of its cinematic horizontality against the vertical design of the device. Thus, on the De-Pink platform, the video is fully integrated into an original graphic interface where it interacts with many other UIX elements used to enrich and amplify the user experience. Therefore, the design of the user interface becomes, in my opinion, a concrete artistic action and an integral part of the show, in an operation that combines the functionality of pure design and the visionary nature of interaction design.


The De-Pink format is ideally a hybrid digital show, formed by a thoughtful mix of different media and languages: from the pre-recorded videoperformance to the informal live-cam moment. The conceptual references of this language are many, and range from the Futurist synthetic theater to the phenomenon of youtube gamers, on which I developed long research over the years that has given birth to some of my rather famous performances such as The Shadow - a Shakespearean video game.


De-Pink is an experimental digital show but also its collectible relics. An online store on the platform will promote the sale of the relics produced by all the De-Pink digital shows and streaming performances. These items (either digital or material) will be digitally processed and then minted as NFT. 

In this way, De-Pink also becomes the first decentralized performance art platform thanks to the confluence in the blockchain. 



Pink Noise 1 (Save The Beauty) - March 2021
Pink Noise 2 (The Gamer Edition) - April 2021

Concept, art direction, platform technology - Francesca Fini
Production - Paula McKinney
Press Office - Renata Savo



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Website of the project

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