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Live media performance, 2011


In this live media performance, raw meat is a conductor of entire worlds with whom we seek some form of dialogue and negotiation. I tell the magic of the physical contact and recognition of the others, through an interaction design device.

I have a low-voltage electrode in the arm. The other pole is attached to the metal foil that covers the table. When I touch the raw meat on the table, which is a conductor, the circuit closes sending a signal to a digital synthesizer that translates it into sound. Nothing can help us in this journey of discovery, where we have to venture drained and free, even if I exorcise the trip on a table supported by piles of books.


In the version made ​​at the Museum MACRO Pelanda, I decided to involve the public, creating a human chain. The electrical impulse travels from the piece of meat on the table to my hands, through the bodies of the audience.

The performance becomes a collective experience because all in all is all we all are.


MACRO Pelanda, Roma - 2011

Omissis Festival, Gradisca d'Isonzo - 2011

Celeste Prize @ Invisible Dog Gallery, New York - 2011

WRO Media Art Biennial, Poland - 2011

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini

WRO Biennial lineup and program - open link

Live performance solo version - open link

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