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Experimental animation-based film, 2018



Plump, stubborn, unconventional, offbeat, ambitious, unstoppable: the hippopotamus poetess is one of us!
Hippopoetess is an experimental animation-based film that tells the story of the American writer Amy Lowell and her desire to succeed in a world dominated by men.

A visual symphony that mixes the languages of the documentary, performance, video art, and 3d animation, to give back, with an absolutely experimental and poetic style, sometimes tragic and sometimes comic, the story of this interesting figure. With her fatness, her ambition, her intrusiveness, her resourcefulness, her contempt for conventions, her boisterous and stubborn character, her inability to “remain in her place”, her braveness in dealing with the men of her times and assert her ideas, I immediately fell in love with Amy, a militant feminist without knowing she was one.

In the film, I compare myself to her, to her relationship with art, with poetry, with the body, with love, and with food, in a continuous game of mirrors where I reflect myself in her and she reflects herself In me. Even our voices are confused, on a demiurgic and philosophical level in which the voice becomes a creative process: my voice, strictly in Italian to respect the sound of my DNA and of my culture, and that of Amy Lowell, returned in the present thanks to the interpretation of an American actress, they merge and pass the baton, in a tender sisterhood that defies time.



Digital animation and video, duration 53'.


MACRO Museum official premiere, Rome - 2018

Szczecin European Film Festival, Poland - 2018

Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece -  2018

Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome - 2018

RED Francesca Fini personal exhibition, Rome - 2018

CYBORG Fatale personal exhibition, Bologna - 2019
ARFF PARIS, Paris - 2019

Apollo 11, Rome - 2019

Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Belgrade - 2020

Screenplay, filming, animation, editing - Francesca Fini
Sound mix - Boris Riccardo D'Agostino

International Movie Database - open link

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Video-recap by RAI Arte (Italian) - open link

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