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Installation-based Performance, 2016



La Masca project was presented to the public on March 25, 2016, at the Watermill Center in New York.
The project included three simultaneous events, conceptually and visually linked in a kind of circular narration: the US premiere of my experimental film “Ophelia did not drown”, the installation of sculptures inspired by the masks used in the film and produced during the art residency, and “Ice”, a six-hours costume-based performance. 


The Masks
The project includes five life-size masks produced using a life cast of my own face assuming different expressions. I then processed the mold with different materials that are symbolic to me and omnipresent in my work (red wool, sugar, acrylic nails, news/information, golden leaf).

Ice, the Performance

Deeply participatory, the performance invited the audience to interact with three different physical manifestations of the very concept of mask: the mask becomes an umbilical cord, a delicious cake that the audience is invited to taste in a sort of cannibalistic ritual, and a heavy ice ballast that I must hold firmly, inviting the audience to melt it with their breath, the warmth of their hands or even using a hair-dryer that stands on stage.

Super-Selfie, the Cake installation

Chocolate and cream filling, white fondant, sugar decorated delicious cakes created using a life-size alginate cast of the artist’s face assuming different expressions. During the 6 hour living installation connected to the exhibition La Masca, the audience is invited to taste the cakes in a sort of cannibalistic ritual.


Bob Wilson's Watermill Center, New York - 2016

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini
Performing - Francesca Fini, Daniele Sirotti



The Watermill Center Alumni Directory - open link

Website of the project

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