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TYPO # 2
Live media performance, 2014



Freely inspired by the Me-ti by Bertolt Brecht, Meccanimus is a theatre performance in which I combine the languages of theater, contemporary dance, performance, and video art.

A text made of pulsing bodies and gestures, moving images, generative sounds and visions, interactive electronic gadgetry: an old Olivetti Lettera 32 that writes with blood, a throat microphone that turns singing into images.


These are the ingredients of a Gesamtkunstwerk that guides the actions of the performers around the Meccanimus, Soul and Machine at the same time, the big sculpture that comes to life at the center of the scene.



MAAM - Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, Rome - 2014

Hi-Dance Festival @ Lanificio, Rome - 2015 

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini
Words - Bertolt Brecht
Performing - Francesca Fini, Anna Bastoni, Pierpaolo Caputo

Website of the project

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