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Video installation, 2013



The ephemeral video begins with a physical mixed media work on an 82cm X 142cm wooden board. The main object of this material artwork is a rabbit mask covered with newspaper clippings and fixed on the board by a complex weaving of red woolen thread. On the board are also attached paper clippings that compose a poem. The work is deeply connected to the performative action of creating the poem which is an integral part of the picture.


The action has developed by cutting out random words from newspaper headlines and then juxtaposing them completely decontextualized, according to the best Dada tradition, following free association of ideas but also the general sense that rose gradually from the text.


A sense that is distilled in the idea of a surreal journey in my city: the journey of Alice chasing the white rabbit. A meticulous work that lasted entire days, on the floor of my living room completely covered with newspaper clippings, and that has left out the only decisive and deliberate sentence, "I love you", addressed to myself. A sentence that I could not track down on these papers, like any conjugation of the verb "to love", so that I had to compose it letter by letter, as in the messages of the kidnappers in old movies.


The performative action witnessing the creation of the work in the form of a videoperformance is contained in the CD also attached to the board. The only sound in the videoperformance is the swish of the scissors and my voice reciting the poem that then switches back again from the analog plane (the paper) to the digital one (the sound mastered in the CD) according to the concept of the Circuiti project to which the work belongs.


Mondrian Suite Art Galery, Rome - 2013

Shingle22j Biennal, Latina - 2013


Concept, art direction, editing, poetry - Francesca Fini

Website of the project 'Circuiti'

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