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Video art, 2013



In this videoperformance, recorded in Santander, Spain, in October 2013, the concept of "peninsula" is used as a bridge between a man and a woman, as a metaphor for the contact between their bodies and their souls. The peninsula is a state of mind and a culture, the ideal starting point of two artists who come from two geographical peninsulas (Spain and Italy) and who meet on a rock in the middle of the sea that has all the appearance of a peninsula, threatening and vertical.


The man and the woman are trying to create contact between each other, transforming the idea of "peninsula" into a sort of total communion with nature, which is at the same time wild and maternal, which divides and unites.


Santander, Spain - 2013
our thanks to: José Luis Fuente, Marta Mantecón, José Otero, Galeria Nuble Santander, Asociación de Galerías de Arte Contemporáneo de Cantabria.


Concept, art direction, editing - Francesca Fini and Abel Azcona

Photography - Cesar Poyatos

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