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Animation art, 2013


From the microcosm of those objects and foods that are found in all Italian kitchens, which are a counterpoint to our everyday life and what really characterize us as a people, starts a reflection on the macrocosm of the ideals upon which our lives should be set.


The four articles of the Italian Constitution that I consider most important are rebuilt with the gestures of everyday life, in an ironic allusion to the implicit daily betrayal of these values that happens elsewhere and away from us.


The letters of the alphabet made with macaroni, that an invisible hand devour greedily, mark the words of the Constitution recited in slow and alienating litany: Italy is a democratic republic founded on work, sovereignty belongs to the people. The sovereign people is in fact a brain of spaghetti served under a yellow plastic helmet.
In the video, I release all my anger. An anger that is unleashed and is extinguished in a moment, as the indignation and disgust of the beautiful souls of our country. And this is Italy, in my letter of hate and love.


Simultan Festival, Romania - 2013

Magmart video art festival IX - 2015
MACRO La Pelanda, Nuvola Creativa, Rome - 2017

Personal exhibition @ T*Danse Festival, Aosta - 2017

RED personal exhibition, Rome - 2018

Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini

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