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Video art, 2014


I thought of telling the sense of touch, but with its absence or with its contemporary surrogate: the scarcity of physical contact due to hypertrophic growth of virtual liaisons in social networks, the culture of the avatar, the chaos of magmatic and stratified information and communication between individuals. Thus the scarcity of physical contact that leads to the recognition of the "other" results in a technology that is detached from the body and turns it into cold and solipsistic avatar.


In a world where we are almost afraid of physical contact we use the screens of our smartphones and tablets to access the relationship. Is the touch screen the membrane that filters a world that frightens us?


Videoart Yearbook, Bologna - 2014

AMA Festival (winner), Brescia - 2014

Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques, Marseille - 2014

Corti & Cigarettes (winner “orizzonti della tecnica”) - 2014

Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini

Performing - Francesca Fini, Daniele Sirotti

Photography - Daniele Malavolta

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