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Augmented Reality Performance, 2022


Nebris is an interactive multimedia costume-based augmented reality performance. The costume I wear contains AR TAGs hand-drawn and attached to magnetic buttons, which are gradually hidden and revealed during the interaction with the audience, activating sounds, voices, shapes, and 3D animations: an archive of digital images that spring from the Metaverse and come to life on my body.

Augmented reality adds a level of digital information to the physical reality: a shell invisible to the naked eye, represented by images, videos, animations, and digital sound. This additional level of information can be used through dedicated applications that can be downloaded on personal devices (tablets and smartphones).
The physical world becomes a container and placeholder for other, additional, dynamic content, transforming itself into an 'augmented' place.

In figurative art and classical Greek poetry, Nebris (goat skin) is one of the attributes of Dionysus and his followers: Satyrs, Sileni, and Maenads. The attribute of the Nebride is proof of the primitive character of the Dionysian cult, a reminder of a remote civilization when the skins of killed animals were the only garments of man. In a more advanced stage of civilization, the skin of the animal does not cease to dress the simulacrum of the god, the legacy of an ancient cult.
My Nebris is a new generative and augmented skin, which transforms the artist into a living avatar.


Il Video Rende Felici, GAM Roma - July 2022

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini

In collaboration with


Please download Artivive App and frame the AR TAGS to experience the magic!

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