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Photogrammetry installation, 2022


RE-FLUO is a project that investigates the AI-based photogrammetry technology that encounters chaos and error.

What happens when we take a 'selfie' with a 3d scanner? First of all, we have to think that we will no longer be projected, cell by cell, pixel by pixel, on that invisible and two-dimensional screen that ideally separates us from the phone.

We must move, let ourselves be explored slowly, inch by inch. We have to disclose our bodies, and turn around to reveal the interstices. 3D photography is a dynamic, empirical experience: a dance with light that relies on the imperfect intelligence of the device, which interprets, senses, reconstructs and puts together our fragmentary simulacrum.


And what happens if you decide to stress the device towards imperfections and glitches, embracing the beauty of chaos and error?

For example, what happens if I start scanning my face in 'face mode' and then I introduce an inorganic object in the picture, with unnatural colors and a too-perfect shape to belong to Nature? A plastic wreck, a scrap saved from the waste bin?

The software does not know how to interpret and integrate the intruder, the mysterious object, and then elaborates improbable Cronenbergian digital meltings, conceived by the crazy algorithm that stops recording and starts dreaming.


And what happens when these unreal agglomerations of pixel and color are transferred into a 3D software, illuminated with a virtual light, coated with a digital porcelain patina, and rendered with the metaphysical setting of a rendering engine?


RE-FLUO is a contemporary self-portrait experiment for artificial intelligence, a 3D scanner, and household waste.


Share Festival - June 2022

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini

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