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Experimental film, 2016


This is a performance-based art film, a layered and multifaceted cinematic experience, a work made of collaged hybridizations. The film was made by combining historical archival footage, selected from the film Archive collected by Istituto Luce Cinecittà, and original performance art pieces that I conceived inspired by the repertoire itself.


The film brings together materials very heterogeneous and seemingly incompatible but united by the macro-theme of avant-garde art: how this idea is interpreted by an artist who lives it as a daily practice, and how this concept was articulated by Istituto Luce, keeper of the sacred and secular aspects of Italian history and society since 1927.


The film moves between provocative body-art and body-manipulation scenes, visually engaging ideas and mesmerizing scenarios and costumes, disturbing living installations, and the celebration of feminine beauty and strength.


At the center of the story is an Ophelia who is different from the one-handed down by the literary tradition: not a shy and fragile teenager, but many women of different colors, features, and ages. A modern and bittersweet Ophelia. An Ophelia who in the end does not drown, rejecting her destiny as a romantic heroine to become a "normal person."

The film triggers a confrontation between Past and Present, between the footage from Istituto Luce Archives - that conceptually and aesthetically seems to make everything eternal and absolute - and performance art, which by its own nature it rather reveals the ephemeral and contingent nature of any human enterprise.


On one hand, the Italian national historical repertoire, collected and preserved by Istituto Luce, with its anthropological documentaries, its surrealist jewels and pure cinematic propaganda. On the other hand, original performances art actions characterized by what I call “ancestral feminism”, decontextualizing, desecrating, and substantially undermining any original ideological assumption of the Archive itself.



Digital video, duration 90'.


MACRO Museum official premiere, Rome - 2016

Bob Wilson’s Watermill Center New York - 2016

Videoformes Festival, Clermont-Ferrand - 2016

Apollo 11, Roma - 2016

Ivahm Festival, Madrid - 2017
MACRO Museum for Fuorinorma, Rome - 2017

Proyector Festival, Madrid - 2017
Teatro dei Dioscuri, Roma - 2017
Teatro di Tor Bella Monaca, Roma - 2017

Casa del Cinema, Sala KODAK, Roma - 2017 

Apollo 11, Roma - 2017
Over The Real Festival, Viareggio - 2017

Fonlad Festival Coimbra - 2017

RED Francesca Fini personal exhibition, Rome - 2018

David Lynch’s Silencio Club, Paris - 2019
Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Belgrade - 2020

Screenplay, directing, editing - Francesca Fini
Performing - Giulio Bianchini, Daniela Cavallini, Marzia De Maria, Sylvia Di Ianni, Francesca Fini, Marco Fioramanti, Alessia Latorre, Letizia Lucchini, Alessandro Parise, Simona Sorbello, Inanna Trillis, Ilaria Campiglia, Chiara Catalano, Marilena Di Prospero, Ivan Macera, Nunzia Picciallo, Daniele Sirotti, Dario Spampinato.

Photography - Roberto De Amicis, Marco Federici

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