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Animation art, 2021



My Panopticon is a landscape where the waste of humanity accumulates, the bundled and forgotten things that contain their destiny. A dump of hopes, passions, and relics of a creative and devouring species. Our memories then become ballast, poison, and detritus.

We are a virus, as Agent Smith said in The Matrix, grasshoppers mesmerized by the sound of the herd's blind meal. And so the lines taken from the iconic ballad 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, become an obsessive and alienating chant, punctuating the fall towards the abyss/origin of our civilization. Because we were unable to overcome technological adolescence, and Culture, which was to save us, turned out to be the Trojan horse of our animal Nature.



Hors du Cadre Prize at Désencadré Film Festival, Paris - 2022

Freccia Freak Prize at Ribalta Film Festival, Italy - 2022

Moscow Shorts, Russia - 2021
Les jours de lumière, 63 biennale d'arte contemporanea di Saint Saturnin - 2021

Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini
Music - Adeline Yeo (HP)

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