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AR Video Installation, 2020



In celebration of Ray Bradbury's centennial, a pioneer in modern science fiction, I developed an Augmented Reality (AR) Video installation inspired by his novel "There Will Come Soft Rains." This novel forms the penultimate chapter of "The Martian Chronicles," his seminal work that depicts the 2000s, marked by an atomic war that ravages Earth and humanity's subsequent exile to Mars.


This installation offers a unique, interactive AR audio-visual journey. It features large printed panels that trigger four distinct multimedia segments, each about three minutes long, encapsulating Bradbury's narrative. These segments blend an immersive soundtrack from Bradbury's oeuvre with visually striking elements created by repurposing futuristic 1950s archival footage. Additionally, the installation includes excerpts from Bradbury's writings, which visitors can collect and reassemble into new messages. This multimedia experience not only conveys the story of a post-apocalyptic smart home in a Californian city but also doubles as a dystopian backdrop for live performances by the audience. It serves to heighten awareness and appreciation for Bradbury, one of the most visionary authors of the Twentieth century.



T*Danse Festival, Aosta

Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini

Narrating voice - Daniela Cavallini

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