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About The Future Festival of Art, Technology & Science

I am very happy to be part of this important event dedicated to contemporary art in its hybridization with science and technology.



Maurizio Marco Tozzi with Alessandro Amaducci. Giacomo Ravesi with Francesca Fini for "Artist on the Future" + Focus on the animation of a contemporary artist. Two morning-afternoon sessions.

About The Future, from 17 to 27 November 2022 at Palazzo GIL in Campobasso, the festival that investigates the diffusion of new artistic languages ​​and the technological-scientific convergences in contemporary culture. In addition to the exhibition section, the program includes a series of appointments and meetings with an international and specialist profile in the context of cultural management and the reference policies.

The program includes multimedia installations and video screenings with a focus on contemporary artist animation. In the educational context, we will talk about gamification and metaverse, innovation of museography, enhancement of cultural heritage, art & technology, NFT, IT applications in the artistic-cultural context, tools, etc.

Among the invited guests: Stephen Partridge Professor Emeritus University of Plymouth; Elaine Shemilt Professor Emerita University of Dundee; Francesca Fini, experimental filmmaker, live media performer, and digital artist; Fabio Viola gamification & metaverse designer; Pierluigi Sacco economist of culture, EU advisor, professor at Harvard, IULM; Umberto Croppi director of Federculture and president of the Quadriennale; Donato Maniello founder of Studio Glowarp specialized in the use of SAR in museums for the enhancement of cultural heritage, Letizia Bindi professor at the University of Molise, Claudio Bocci managing director of the Ravello Lab Committee, director of the Travel Literature Festival; Sandro Arco coordinator of the Molise Culture Foundation; the Dehors/Audela collective; Giacomo Ravesi researcher at the Roma3 University, curator of the audio-visual section on contemporary artist animation; Maurizio Marco Tozzi director of the Over The Real International Video Art Festival; Alessandro Amaducci, video artist, creator of documentaries, video clips and multimedia shows; and many others.


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