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About The Future - the festival

The Festival About The Future returns to Molise from 17 to 27 November at Palazzo GIL in Campobasso. Produced and organized by the Molise Culture Foundation under the direction of Luca Basilico, guest on the microphones of FSNews Radio, the event aims to investigate the cross-cultural relationship, the diffusion of new artistic languages ​​and the technological-scientific convergences derived from contemporary culture . In addition to the exhibition section, the program includes a series of appointments and meetings with an international and specialist profile in the context of cultural management and the reference policies.

An event that projects visitors towards experimentation on the regional territory, with a strong exchange of experiences and good practices, presented by the king makers invited to represent the national and European productive fabric in the context of cultural activities. The operation, if on the one hand intervenes in terms of the possibility of expanding the offer on the territory of the results produced by the creative and cultural industries market, becomes a suitable place for production, realization of activities and scientific research with a strong vocation to to host contemporary artistic productions within the spaces.

Among the guests: Stephen Partridge, Elaine Shemilt, Francesca Fini, Fabio Viola, Umberto Croppi, Donato Maniello, Letizia Bindi, Claudio Bocci, Sandro Arco, il collettivo DEHORS/AUDELA, Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Alessandro Amaducci.

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