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Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Il Video Rende Felici

Happy to be part of the exhibition Il Video Rende Felici, which intends to offer a historical and critical perspective on video art in Italy. The event will take place from 12 April to 4 September 2022, in two prestigious spaces in Rome, Palazzo Delle Esposizioni and the GAM (Modern Art Gallery).

On July 5th, I will be at GAM presenting Nebris, a new and unprecedented performance that mixes physical action, costume design, and augmented reality. While every Sunday from 15 to 22 May I Will be at Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, with many videos included in a beautiful video art review curated by Valentina Valentini with the collaboration of Milo Adami, Rossella Catanese, Bruno Di Marino, Francesco Spampinato.

VARIA 90-2020

Italian Video Art

The review offers a repertoire of video works produced over the years the 1990s and the new millennium. Authors and female authors of different generations e backgrounds that account for different realities, contexts, and visions of the world as well as of technological and aesthetic transformations intervened in the transition from the twentieth century to the new millennium.

The Screening Program

Sunday, May 15, 11am - 6 pm

Giuseppe Baresi, Mnemo.Diario, 1991

Flavia Mastrella e Antonio Rezza, Il piantone, 1994

Domenico Mangano, La storia di Mimmo, 2001

Gea Casolaro, Volver atrás para ir adelante, 2003

Zimmerfrei, Panorama Roma, 2004

Fabio Massimo Iaquone, Miko, 2006

Adrian Paci, Centro di permanenza temporanea, 2007

Maria Arena, Io/la religione del mio tempo, 2007

Daniele Puppi, Zero, 2009

Saturday, May 21, 11am - 6 pm

Elisabetta Benassi, Lucignolo, 2010

Gea Casolaro, Regards croisés, 2010

Marinella Senatore, Nui Simu, 2010

Yuri Ancarani, Da Vinci, 2012

Elena Bellantoni, The Fox and the Wolf: Struggle for Power, 2014

canecapovolto, Condominio, 2015

Francesca Fini, Dadaloop, 2015

Daniele Puppi, Respira, 2017

Rä Di Martino, PooR PooR JerRY, 2017

Giulio Squillacciotti, Scala B Interno C, 2017

Zimmerfrei, Family Affair | Bologna: famiglie elettive, 2018

Francesca Fini, Skinned, 2018

Sunday, May 22, 1am - 6 pm

MASBEDO, Welcome Palermo, 2019

Elena Bellantoni, Corpomorto, 2020

canecapovolto, La nostra folla anonima, 2020

Francesca Fini, Vanitas Vanitatum

Elena Bellantoni, Pensate domani è la fine del mondo, 2021


The Exhibition

The event is divided into two locations, the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni and the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, and unfolds through a wide variety of authors and formats: single-channel video, video installations, interactive and multimedia installations. This is the first survey that has ever been carried out on the production of video art and artists' cinema in Italy, one of the most interesting experimental fields of contemporary visual and audiovisual research, which stands out as an artistic and cultural heritage of considerable consistency. Overall, the project includes more than 300 video and film works, 20 installations, and the overall involvement of over 100 artists.

In the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni site, the itinerary highlights the transformations of the installation format in its dialogue with space and technological devices, in a period ranging from the early 1970s to the 21st century. The works on display are representative of the evolution of languages, technologies, and formats, in addition to the research of individual artists, drawing a path that is both chronological and technological. The exhibition is accompanied by 13 reviews, including miscellaneous and personal ones, of artist films and single-channel videos, and 3 days of study involving artists, scholars, and institutions on issues relevant to video art.


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