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My work LIVE on PAV

Thrilling Announcement: Saluting the Essence of Performance Art on PAV!

Today is a significant day as I am absolutely elated to declare that my work has officially premiered on PAV, the respected platform that encapsulates the very spirit of performance art through engaging videos! But there's more; what elevates this milestone is the honor of sharing this space with none other than the renowned performance art legend, Stelarc!

This accomplishment is the result of endless hours of passion, commitment, and artistic exploration. As an artist, nothing is more gratifying than seeing your creativity embraced and celebrated on a visionary platform like PAV. To have my work displayed alongside Stelarc's, whose contributions to performance art have been nothing short of inspiring, is an honor that feels almost surreal.

PAV, an acronym for Performance Art Video, symbolizes the values of unity and inclusivity, making it a truly unique platform in the art world. It serves as a nurturing haven for artists from all backgrounds to unite, creating a powerful collective voice within the performance art realm. Built on the belief that art transcends boundaries, PAV offers a global stage for artists to display their creativity and push the limits of expression.

This platform not only allows me to connect with fellow artists but also enables me to reach a wider audience, sharing the emotions, narratives, and messages behind my performance art pieces. It invites viewers from all walks of life to engage with my work, sparking conversations, evoking deep emotions, and igniting the imagination of those who experience the magic of performance art in the digital realm.

So, my dear friends, fellow artists, and art enthusiasts, I warmly invite you to embark on this exhilarating adventure with me as my work soars to new heights on PAV. Let's celebrate the unwavering power of performance art and its ability to bridge gaps, dissolve boundaries, and unite us all through the universal language of creativity.

Join me as we delve into the infinite possibilities of performance art on PAV – a platform where unity and inclusivity merge to create an extraordinary artistic tapestry. Together, let's redefine the essence of expression, inspiration, and being moved by the profound enchantment of performance art.



“The action begins with co-performer Inanna taking my blood, in front of a white table with an old Olivetti typewriter. She pours my blood into a glass cup, and there we dip a six meters long white satin ribbon, till it’s completely soaked in blood. Then we stretch the ribbon across the performative space and use a golden hair-dryer to dry the ribbon a bit. Immediately, the space gets marked by thin blood trails that intersect on the floor, almost creating a map of our movements through the room. Then I open the typewriter and replace the old ink ribbon with the new one full of my own blood. I sit in front of the Olivetti and start hitting the keys. Without thinking, I write short surreal sentences that come spontaneously to my mind in that precise moment. When I finish writing, Inanna takes the paper sheets and attacks them to the almost invisible white wires hanging from the ceiling. The last sentence I write is ‘Ofelia Non Annega’ (Ophelia does not drown), in a celebration of female resilience against the romantic depiction of self-destructive female heroism. The action is repeated from the very beginning for about six hours until the view of the performance space is completely covered.”


Metamors is a colorful vortex that transports the observer to a dreamlike dance between the veil of being and the abyss of becoming. Each mask is an echo, a shard of stars and stories woven into the threads of the female soul’s polyhedral mosaic.

The artist, the Sibyl of a Thousand Faces, wears masks that speak the names of deities, warriors, witches, and dreamers in this hallucinogenic garden of fluid lights and shifting shadows. But be cautious! The masks are dishonest artificers who play with our perception of reality. They are gateways into digital realms, worlds of pixels and code, places where being a woman is a kaleidoscope of unlimited possibilities.


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