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Artistico Collettivo Group in Artificial Landscapes

a performance of dance and technology

A mashup of contemporary dance, sci-fi cinema, and electronic devices, in a celebration of the visionaries who have imagined the future.

From Aelita, the visionary 1924 film signed by Soviet filmmaker Yakov Protazanov, to the legendary Things to Come, inspired by the imagery of HG Wells' and directed by William Cameron Menzies in the 1930s, from the marvelous sets of the Forbidden Planet, from 1956 to grainy sequences of 1960s b-movies, the world of cinema is traversed by an undercurrent that tries to imagine the humanity of the future, while observing the world of tomorrow (in many cases ours) with a worried gaze full of omens, the atomic age, space travel. And, above all, the inevitable encounter with alien intelligence. A material rich in bizarre implications, sometimes trashy, sometimes prophetic, which give life to a performance of live media and contemporary dance. On a mashup of originally analog images, mixed in a continuous digital flow that inevitably proceeds towards cosmic catastrophe, a dancer and a dancer interact using the simple movement of their bodies and various electronic devices. The spaceship departs into the unknown, gets lost in space-time paradoxes, lands on alien lands, and finally meets the monster. A monster that attaches itself to the explorer and returns home with him, to unleash colorful and imaginative wars of conquest between different species. But who is the alien? Perhaps the alien was already inside the explorer, and the journey into the unknown is simply a journey within oneself. Perhaps the monster is that ancestral and subconscious force that destroyed the Krell people when they invented the machine to materialize thought, as Doctor Morbius of the Forbidden Planet reveals to us? Maybe we are the Martians, as Ray Bradbury reveals to us in his greatest literary masterpiece? Artificial Landscapes is the first artistic device of “Artistico Collettivo”. By manipulating the viewer to create chaos, the movement reveals an inherent clumsiness, a humor that echoes our vulnerabilities. Exploring the concept of landscape in a nostalgic way, we approach a large scale of subjects organized in conceptual multilayers. By applying abstraction, the device investigates the dynamics of the landscape, including the manipulation of its effects, and the limits of the spectacle, based on the subjective dimension of the semantic processing of the landscape itself. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated to evoke the realms of our imagination. Artificial Landscapes are a link between the reality of the landscape and that imagined by its creators.

Artistico Collettivo is Francesca Fini, Marco Chenevier, Giorgio Li Calzi, Riccardo Mazza, Simona Pietrosanti.

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