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Francesca Fini performing the Lockdown
Francesca Fini performing in Lockdown, with Francesca Leoni and Francesca Lolli

GOLEM - To be generative in solidarity rather than creative in solitude is a virtual collective performance event.

Guests of honor: Dimitris Alithinos - Marilyn Arsem - Franko B - Francesca Fini, Francesca Leoni, Francesca Lolli - Guillermo Gomez Peña - Leda Papaconstantinou - Stelarc - Theodoros - VestAndPage

The virtual exhibition space will open to the public on June 5, with the vernissage at 18.00 GMT+3, which will be a presentation of the guests’ of honor participating artworks. The collective action of the transmission of the live performances will begin at 19.30, with a total duration of 5 hours. On June the 6th and 7th the virtual exhibition space will be open to the public where an archive of the participating works will be presented. Αs artists we stand in solidarity with local groups in their efforts to limit the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Our initiative to develop a blockchain application that brings together decentralized local supply chains that empowers communities to take action on the local level, was recently awarded in the international ConsenSys Health STOP COVID-19 Hackathon.

The Golem is a figure in Jewish mythology, as a metaphor for the potential destructiveness of human artifices. GOLEM as a proposal for artistic intervention, aims to offer a different perspective to this period of forced social inactivity, inviting us to look at the emergency context in a generative rather than solely creative way. Generative, meaning "acting with the aim of generating" a different reality.

GOLEM is organized by Trojan DAO, supported by G.A.P. - GATHERING AROUND PERFORMANCE, VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, Studio Contemporaneo, and the Ionian Univesity Laboratory of Interactive Arts - In.Arts

Curated by Francesco Kiais

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