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I'm really happy to be part of MetaMundo virtual architecture project among the top 50 creators for the metaverse, and that my gamified virtual environment, The Silent Gallery, showcased during Art Basel, is now a feature drop on the platform.

In collaboration with, MetaMundo is exhibiting my work in the heart of Miami Beach from Nov 30th to Dec 2nd. Each model includes a QR code that will direct visitors to your listing.

If you’re in Miami, you can register for the event - come by on Dec 1st for a cocktail party, or Dec 2nd for the official launch event.

MetaMundo also partnering with to display my model at an exclusive pool party at Surfcomber Hotel on November 30th. And over the last few days They’ve been showcasing it in AR with OVR at their booth in @DCENTRAL Miami.

MetaMundo ( is the first 3D NFT marketplace for collecting expertly curated metaverse scenes and assets. The platform partners with a curated selection of leading 3D creators, active in design in the metaverse and real-life, as the celebrated NFT artist.

"MetaMundo's vision is to facilitate a beautifully designed, interoperable, and open metaverse - an immersive 3D social internet, where everyone can own and build parts of it through blockchain technology. The marketplace launch is our first major step towards realizing this vision," said Finn Hansen, one of MetaMundo's co-founders. "For the first time, we have enabled metaverse users to collect high-quality 3D scenes—minted as NFTs—for use across many virtual environments."

The Silent Gallery

By Francesca Fini

The Silent Gallery is an art gallery carved out of a skull. The model includes three interconnected rooms: a large room on the first floor opening onto the garden, a room with a balcony on the second floor and a panoramic terrace. The environments, designed to host events, conferences and exhibitions, are connected to each other by stairs and passages that cross and run through the skull, which becomes the receptacle of a multifunctional and playful space dedicated to contemporary art.

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