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Experimental podcast, 2021


A stereophonic journey into the verses of the Florentine poet.

A project by Francesca Fini for RadioMi.


The verses of Dante Alighieri, taken from the Rime and Vita Nuova, make up the twenty-one episodes of the Radio Dante project, an experimental podcast conceived by Francesca Fini on commission from the Italian Cultural Institute of Tirana and RadioMi, to celebrate the seven hundredth anniversary of his death of the Florentine poet.


Guiding us in this intense journey are the voices of the interpreters Daniela Cavallini and Daniele Sirotti, followed and prepared by Emanuele Di Silvestro, a young scholar who on this occasion carried out very accurate research on Dante's language. The voices of the actors move in a sound landscape full of suggestions and in some ways unsettling, scripted by Francesca Fini and developed in three-dimensional space by sound-designer Boris Riccardo D’Agostino. An enveloping soundscape, which seems to tell a road movie set in the contemporary world, dragging the Dante universe into our present.


Dante's works, in the version used in the podcast, are reproduced with the kind permission of Salerno Editrice. These are sonnets, ballads, a lyric sixth, and songs that speak of love, life and death, friendship, and exile. Some works were chosen because they are little known to the general public, along with others that are very famous, such as the ballad Donne ch'avete intelletto d'Amore which closes the podcast in the twenty-first episode.



Digital podcast, 21 episodes, Italian.


RadioMi Tirana

With the verses of Dante Alighieri
Concept, sound script, direction - Francesca Fini
Interpretation - Daniela Cavallini, Daniele Sirotti
Literary consultancy - Emanuele Di Silvestro
Sound design and mixing - Boris Riccardo D'Agostino

Paraphrase - Emanuele Di Silvestro, Francesca Fini

Commissioned and supported - IIC Tirana and Cultural Attaché Alessandra Bertini Malgarini
With the kind permission of - Salerno Editrice

Podcast on RadioMi - open link
Amazon Alexa Skill - open link
Spotify page - open link

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