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Performance, 2010



War is an art experiment about inner violence.

The piece started as a game and became something else: the idea was to fill the room with colorful balloons filled with paint and then pop them.

I thought about "action painting", but nothing more concrete than that. I wanted to figure out where I would bring this experience. I set up the room and filled the balloons with paint.


After the first explosion, I felt like I was actually killing someone. The balloons were difficult to break, I had to compress them, crush them with all the strength I had, I had to "strangle" them to make them explode. A monstrous effort that left me drained, shocked, at each explosion, as if I were doing something horrible.



The performance is featured in the experimental movie 'Looking for Oz', by Francesca Fini, Jerusalem - 2016

T*DANSE - Dance & Technology, Aosta - 2017
RED personal exhibition, Rome - 2018

Interview on Digicult Magazine - open link

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini

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