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Live media performance, 2009



Cry Me is a radiography of the soul. 
As a woman, I reveal myself through video art, playing with a tv display that is like a uterus where my secret avatar lives and sings. 
The artwork that I show in the display was originally a video, shot with a DV camera and then manipulated frame-by-frame as a digitally painted animation.

“Being a cyborg is a 21st-century condition, not a lifestyle identity option” (Geert Lovink, Dark Fiber). I quote Geert Lovink because today we are all cyborgs, whether we like it or not. We have learned to amplify and sharpen our senses aided by some cyborg prosthesis without realizing the meaning of our everyday gestures.

In Cry Me I perform the visual theme of the head replaced by a TV display. Starting from my face, I move the TV display over my body. As in a sort of pop-art radiography, the monitor reproduces my body parts: the heart unveils and beats, the womb opens, revealing a wish laying inside of me.

Many people said that such an image, such a mix between the digital image on the display and my physical body, the endless reflection between the real and the virtual shook them. But they did not realize it is a metaphor for their everyday life.

Video is a very important element of my work. I always conceive performances or installations where video has a crucial role, because to me it’s like a window to a secret truth.


Mutazioni profane, Teatro dell-Orologio, Rome - 2009

RomaEuropa Festival “Temps d’Images", Rome - 2010

Premio Termoli, Termoli - 2010
Low Lives Performance Art Festival - 2010

Manege Biennal, Saint Petersburg - 2010

Venice International Performance Art Week - 2012

Palladium '10 ragazze per Freud', Rome - 2012

Magmart Videoart Festival winner, Naples - 2012
MLAC Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea - 2013

Premio Termoli - open link

Low Lives Art festival - open link

Video-recap by MLAC - open link

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini

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