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Video art, 2012


How do you see yourself in the mirror? We do not ever see how others see us, we do not see how we really are. This video is a dream about femininity. A woman meets her Golem, a piece of clay without features, to be fashioned at will.


The Golem is a double of the woman, but an amorphous double, a newborn entity still sealed in its purity and fierce innocence. A deity (maybe an evil one) who is daughter and mother at the same time, in whose womb the woman hides to find peace.

The Golem seems indifferent to the things of the world, but in fact, she is only learning, while dreaming of being human just like us. This can be also interpreted as a metaphor where some hallucinatory mixture of suggestions is sublimated, from the tale of Pinocchio to the discourse on artificial intelligence.



Magmart Videoart Festival, Naples - 2013

FuoriFestival, Pesaro - 2013

FILE Festival,  San Paolo - 2013

HIGHLIKE catalog FILE Festival - 2013

Streaming Festival, online - 2013

Berlin International Directors Lounge - 2013

Video Remakes @ AplusA Gallery, video selection curated by Carlo Montanaro, Venice - 2013

Momentum Experimental Arts Festival, India - 2017

Concept, art direction, animation, editing - Francesca Fini

Performing - Eithel Di Tondo

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