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Live media performance, 2012


The performance area is dominated by a completely white tree, surmounted by a gauze of those used to protect plants from frost.
A few meters away, on the floor, we see a circle of bare ground.
Through the gauze, behind the white tree, we see luminous spots suddenly move in transparency: blue, orange and green.

A strange creature enters the stage. She wears an aseptic white suit, with a technological look, completely covered with valves and tubes. The creature reaches the circle of earth where it lays a small tree. When she bends to touch the ground and plant the tree, the projection paints aquatic refractions on her white suit.

At that point the white tree comes to life thanks to a high definition projection. The leaves turn bright green, and in their dense tangle we see the signs of biological life: insects, butterflies, and the big eyes of an owl peeking out from the branches.

The creature slowly opens the heart valves of her cyber suit. A luminous sap begins to flow in the tubes, and the latex scales turn into green leaves.
The overbearing sap continues to gush into the pipes, to drip on the white suit, watering the ground where the creature's feet are planted.
The tree became a woman, and the woman became a tree.


ADD Festival, MACRO La Pelanda, Rome - 2011

Biennale di Ferrara, Ferrara - 2012

SeeSaw, Roma - 2013

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini

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