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Artivive AR Art Summit 2022!

I'm very happy to announce that I'll be a speaker at the #ARArtSummit2022 organized by artiviveapp. I will be giving a workshop on 3D art and Augmented Reality!

Join me in this exciting experience, and let's shape the future of art altogether!

Augmented Reality Art Summit 2022

As a year of technological shifts, 2022 changed the art and metaverse industry with new trends, synergies, and key players. Creatives increasingly understood the importance of collaboration, going beyond the obvious and using new mediums in their work, such as AR, VR, NFTs, etc. The AR Art Summit was born as a reflection of the current shifts happening in the art world. We connect people worldwide to collaborate, learn and reshape how digital art is created.

Join the Summit if you are:

  • A creative or art-lover interested in augmented reality and metaverse and seeking inspiration for new projects

  • A brand or a collector wanting to come closer to new international talent in the digital art industry

  • A curator, museum director, or an institution wanting to think outside the box by applying new technologies to their projects

  • Someone who wants to build meaningful connections, and be part of a global community of artists who support each other

Join us virtually on September 14 and 15, from 2 till 7 PM CEST / 8 AM till 1 PM EST and enjoy our program full of:

Panel discussions and inspirational talks on trending topics such as NFTs, Digital Innovation for institutions, etc. All of which feature leading projects and figures in the industry.

Hands-on workshops on learning hard and soft skills such as 3D tools, selling your art, dealing with creative blocks, and so much more. Networking opportunities for connecting with artists and creatives from all over the world, sharing ideas on future collaborations, and building and growing one of the biggest AR art communities in the world.

3D ART AND AR, a workshop by Francesca Fini

Introductory workshop on modeling, texturing and creative integration of 3D objects in mixed-media augmented reality experiences on the Artivive platform. Software used: Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator.

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