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My AR installation at PHOTOPIA

📸✨ Step into a realm where art dances with reality and time becomes a kaleidoscope of wonder. Behold, 'Baroque,' my Augmented Reality installation, ready to bewitch your senses at the esteemed Photopia Festival of Imaging in Hamburg. 🌌🎉

Unveiling a symphony of visual poetry, 'Baroque' invites you to wander through a tapestry of past and present, where classical elegance merges seamlessly with cutting-edge innovation. Let the ethereal beauty of augmented reality transport you to a world where dreams take shape and imagination knows no boundaries. 🌸🔮

Join us at the Photopia Festival of Imaging in Hamburg, where innovation and creativity intertwine, where stories are whispered through pixels, and where the extraordinary becomes the new norm. Together, let's embark on an immersive journey, where imagination reigns and 'Baroque' becomes a portal to infinite possibilities! 🚀✨ #BaroqueAR #PhotopiaFestivalHamburg #ImaginativeRealms #ArtUnveiled


The "Festival of Imaging" goes into the third round. And we really hope that you will be part of it again! After the successful event in fall 2022 with more than 10,000 guests, the Multiverse opens this year in parallel and in the immediate vicinity of the Reeperbahn Festival.

As an interface for industry, industry representatives, content creators and the public, PHOTOPIA will turn the Hanseatic city into the center of the digital imaging scene for four days. You can look forward to concentrated inspiration and numerous innovations that we have in store for you: These include the "B2B Day" on Thursday, as a global marketplace for business, where new impulses are created. Or the premiere of the Special Area around the future topic of artificial intelligence. Of course, we will once again be offering a fantastic program that will create unique experiences and encounters with the community. In addition, we present the "who's who" from photography, videography, art and social media. Let us surprise you...

So see you in Hamburg from September 21 - 24, 2023 when it's #shareyourvision again!

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