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My AR installation 'The Reading' at Ibrida Festival

Ibrida Festival of intermediate arts was born in 2015 with the aim of investigating and disseminating the most recent productions and researches in the field of experimental audiovisual arts (videoart, found footage, meta-cinema, 2D and 3D animation), welcoming also performance art and electronic music. Ibrida blooms from the seeds of Re / Action festival, and since 2016 it has spread over several days inside the Candle Factory, San Domenico Museums, EXATR and other spaces in the city of Forlì.

Ibrida is curated by Vertov Project, with the artistic direction of Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo and the critical collaboration of Piero Deggiovanni and other experts in the sector.

This year an entire section of the Festival will be dedicated to installations: works created by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro (who will present Peep Show Box, a private journey into the world of eroticism in History of Art); Francesca Fini with the multimedia AR work The Reading, till the end of the world; Francesca Lolli who will set up the immersive installation Every time. As well as Francesco Selvi and Matteo Pini (with Bertrando & Bernardo, a video installation inspired by the worlds created by Samuel Beckett and Eugène Ionesco) and Igor Imhoff (who will return to Ibrida with Eyes # 41, a software that will scan visitors in real time through a special infrared sensor, creating a suggestive virtual reality experience).

Starting from a video collage, which re-elaborates and recomposes elements and images from classic portraits of the Renaissance and pictorial romanticism, I create two prints on canvas that are displayed next to each other.

Thanks to an augmented reality app, once the diptych is framed with a mobile phone or tablet, the two images magically come alive and begin to interact. The elements move, coming out of the canvas, telling a story that invades the surrounding exhibition space, creating a dense dialogue that simulates a poetic reading out of time and space. The reader on one side, and the musician next to her, recite the magnificent passage from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet celebrating the beauty and ferocity of Nature. While the animation slowly destroys the serene, sunny, and idyllic atmosphere of the Renaissance landscape, making us fall into a world invaded by waste and devoured by flames.

The earth that's Nature's mother is her tomb;

What is her burying grave, that is her womb...

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