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My 3D augmented reality sculpture DigitalMente is beginning to contaminate the Italian piazzas, thanks to the Augmented Reality photos that people are sending in. The sculpture is the mascot and the interactive game accompanying the new edition of the Patients Digital Health Award.

I'm very proud to have contributed to this brilliant initiative with my work.

Launched in December 2021, DigitalMente is a 3D sculpture created by the artist Francesca Fini for the Digital Health Awards. The artwork makes visible the synthesis between the human and digital factors that the Award has always sought and valued. Usable in augmented reality, it will be the mascot of PDHA22, accompanying the journey together with patient associations in digital Italy.

With the hashtag #DigitalMente, photographic and video contributions will be disseminated. Through a QR-code, the protagonists of the Prize will be able to download the 3D sculpture in augmented reality and will be able to photograph it or insert it in a video that tells about their digital health experience.

The sculpture represents a thinking figure: the PDHA also wants to be a moment to stop, reflect, appropriate digital projects from patients. And stopping and thinking is the patient's posture. Unlike Auguste Rodin's Thinker, a rocky man closed in on himself, this sculpture is neither man nor woman but it is also a continuum with the sky and all that is around (symbolizing the concept of One Health) and is projected towards the earth/network/connection (symbolizing the Connected Care theme).

This year the PDHA, promoted by the Digital Health Academy and with the unconditional support of the MSD Foundation, reaches its fourth edition involving over 40 Patient Associations.

PDHA aims to reward digital health projects that, from the perspective of patients, can contribute to improving the quality of life of those who experience the disease firsthand and of caregivers and/or facilitate the care process.

PDHA - Patients' Digital Health Awards.


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