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PICS from Ibrida Festival!

I am really happy and honored to have participated again this year in Ibrida Festival, in Forlì, one of the most significant events in the panorama of digital arts in Italy, curated by the artists Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo.

During the event I presented my book Cyborg Fatale (LINK), together with Bruno Di Marino, who wrote the introduction to the volume. I also exhibited my Augmented Reality installation The Reading (LINK), and my latest 3D animated film Paradise Lost (LINK).

See you next year, Ibrida!

Presentation of the book Cyborg Fatale
Presentation of the book Cyborg Fatale


Ibrida is a festival of intermedial arts which started in 2015 for the purpose of investigating and divulging the most recent productions and research carried on in the field of experimental audiovisual (video art, found footage, metacinema, 2D and 3D animation, etc.). The festival naturally includes performance art and electronic music. Ibrida thrives on the seeds planted by Re/Azione (our first event). In 2016 the duration was extended and more venues in the town of Forlì were added to the first one, the Candle Factory, as the festival was very well received by the audience and the professionals.


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