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Planet Pink wins in Paris

My movie Planet Pink / Panopticon 1 won the Hors du cadre Prize at Désencadré Film Festival in Paris, ex aequo with Colombi by Luca Ferri and Hors-titre by Wiame Haddad.

Désencadré is a three day long neo-experimental short-film festival that aims to bridge the gap between the establishment of a well wrapped, mass appeal production and a vibrant, independent scene that is often, erroneously, labeled as an elitarian niche.

With the screenings of 30 films from Italy and France the festival also elongates its platform for the young directors and the public to engage in multiple interactive symposiums with renowned professionals.

The expressive capacity of the short film, that of developing a plot in a few minutes while keeping the spectator glued to the screen, is like a technical-stylistic gymnasium, capable of exalting aspiring directors, increasing the possibility of being appreciated by the general public but, above all, by great cinema.

Planet Pink / Panopticon 1 is a landscape where the waste of humanity accumulates, the bundled and forgotten things that contain their destiny. A dump of hopes, passions, and relics of a creative and devouring species. Our memories then become ballast, poison, and detritus.

We are a virus, as Agent Smith said in The Matrix, grasshoppers mesmerized by the sound of the herd's blind meal. And so the lines taken from the iconic ballad 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, become an obsessive and alienating chant, punctuating the fall towards the abyss/origin of our civilization. Because we were unable to overcome technological adolescence, and Culture, which was to save us, turned out to be the Trojan horse of our animal Nature.

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