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TYPO # 3
performance, 2016



The action begins with co-performer Inanna taking my blood, in front of a white table with an old Olivetti typewriter.

She pours my blood into a glass cup, and there we dip a six meters long white satin ribbon, till it’s completely soaked in blood. Then we stretch the ribbon across the performative space and use a golden hair-dryer to dry the ribbon a bit. Immediately, the space gets marked by thin blood trails that intersect on the floor, almost creating a map of our movements through the room.


Then I open the typewriter and replace the old ink ribbon with the new one full of my own blood. I sit in front of the Olivetti and start hitting the keys. Without thinking, I write short surreal sentences that come spontaneously to my mind in that precise moment. When I finish writing, Inanna takes the paper sheets and attacks them to the almost invisible white wires hanging from the ceiling. 

The last sentence I write is "Ofelia Non Annega" (Ophelia does not drown), in a celebration of female resilience against the romantic depiction of self-destructive female heroism. 
The action is repeated from the very beginning for about six hours until the view of the performance space is completely covered.


Live Cinema Festival @ Macro Museum of Rome - 2016

Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo - 2017 

Concept and art direction - Francesca Fini
Performing - Francesca Fini, Inanna Trillis

Website of the project

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