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The Visitor at The Other Art Fair LA!

I’m thrilled to announce that, as a #SaatchiArtNFTArtist, I’m part of the edgy Visions Of The Future, a jury-curated NFT Photography auction & exhibition by Saatchi Art.

The collection will drop 9/22 online + IRL at The Other Art Fair LA.

My Work


Performance art photography and guided neural network

Francesca Fini 2012 - 2022

I produced this image by guiding a neural network to interpret a self-shot taken during a rehearsal of my iconic ‘Eternal Tree’ performance art piece. In the live performance, I wear a hydraulic suit with a futuristic look, I have my feet planted in a mound of ground on fire, and I hold a small bonsai tree. At the end of the performance, I open the valves of the hydraulic tank that I carry on my back, and a green lymph-like liquid begins to flow into the tubes that wrap the suit, starting to drip on my face, to stain the suit, to feed the bonsai and the ground below, putting out the fire.

In this particular digital re-edition of this work, I have decided to include a neural network in the creative process, ‘teaching’ it to reinterpret performance art photography and guiding the computation with a textual prompt that is simply the concept of the performance.

The Drop

We are thrilled to present Visions of the Future, an auction and exhibition showcasing some of the best up-and-coming talent within the photography NFT space, guest curated by a world-class panel of experts.

Since Saatchi Art’s inception over a decade ago, society has undergone massive change on a dramatic scale that continues until today. Social media has transformed the way and rate at which culture is disseminated, who we connect with, and how we interact as a society. We’ve seen the end of decades-long wars and dictatorial regimes, as well as the devastating beginnings of new ones. Social and political awareness has sparked large-scale protests on a global scale, and a shift in public discourse on equity and inclusion.

All around the world, communities are forced to adapt to new climate realities, with extreme weather events occurring at increasing frequencies. And, technological innovation—from the first iPad, to the birth of Satoshi Nakomoto’s Bitcoin, to the creation of the first tokenized digital assets—continues to propel us into the future faster than ever before.

Artists have always been at the forefront of cultural and technological shift, their work an indication of change and what is to come. In a time of great uncertainty and rapid evolution, we asked artists to share what they envision for the coming decades.

Discover groundbreaking work by 50 members of the photographic arts community who are reimagining a future beyond traditional artistic boundaries.

Auction Details

The auction will be previewed first to token holders of The Other Avatars on September 20. Holders can get the link to preview and bid in the token holders channel of our Discord.

Auction opens on September 22. Once a first bid is placed on an artwork, the auction will run for 7 days. (All artwork auctions will therefore run on different timelines.

Auctions winners will be announced by @saatchiartNFTs on Twitter.

Auction winners will be able to claim the 1st limited edition print in the run of 3 editions which will be available for each NFT selected in the auction. The 2 other editions will be available for subsequent token holders through the end of January 2023

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